Siyakhula Health & Wellness

Siyakhula SA will are in the process of establishing and setting up a Family Centre, using three shipping containers. Siyakhula SA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Western
Cape Government Health Department as a Wellness Hub.

Siyakhula Family Centre aims to provide primary health care to infants, children, and the elderly via Siyakhula Health Services. These healthcare services include child, women, and men’s health, general TB, HIV and STI care, family planning, and substance abuse support and treatment in partnership with the
City of Cape Town, Seawinds Clinic. This facility will be available to meet the primary healthcare needs of the surrounding community in the South Peninsula Health District of the Metro Region viz: Vrygrond, Overcome Heights, Seawinds, andsurrounding areas.

Wellness is threaded through all our services via our Wellness Coordinator and team. Wellness is an integral part of Siyakhula SA, to ensure that each staff member, volunteer, and beneficiary is in a state of complete physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being to improve their overall health. 

Siyakhula Education & Training

Learning Centre
Siyakhula SA is providing educational support to children and is in the pilot phase of establishing a Learning Centre for children. The Learning Centre is being established with the Western Cape
Education Department and various stakeholders to support children who are in mainstream education, learning differently and who are differently abled.

After-School Support
To support children who have various learning challenges during their schooling. To educate and train families who have children learning differently.

Differently Abled Children Caregivers Support Group
Every month caregivers of differently abled children (autistic and Down syndrome spectrum) have time to connect and support each other.

Night to Shine Through the Tim Tebow Foundation,
Siyakhula hosts Night to Shine for differently abled honour guests. Night to Shine is a global event that takes place in 46 countries, 622 host churches/organisations, over 75 000 honoured guests globally and over 215 000 volunteers.

Siyakhula Relief

Food Security: Siyakhula SA provide nutritious meals every week where cooked meals and relief care packs (grocery hampers and other forms of family relief is made available viz: clothing, hygiene product, and vegetables) to families via our Community Kitchens.

Disaster Relief: We are part of a provincial risk management/relief network called Respond. Siyakhula SA provides various forms of relief during fire, floods or any other disasters.

Relief Fund: This fund provides additional financial or other forms of support to selected families/individuals.